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2019-10-14 Name: Erin E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move was great! Corey and Zach (I think that was his name) were super courteous and friendly. They were super fun to hang around and they got the job done in under 2 hours. I’m super satisfied with the service I received and will definitely use this company again in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2019-10-12 Name: Craig E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The whole team was fantastic and moved me quickly and efficiently !" Overall Score:10/10

2019-10-03 Name: Shari E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-10-02 Name: Georgia E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Hello! My move with Get There Moving was absolutely incredible. I worked with Chris, Mike, Emmett, and several other gentlemen that I can't remember the names of (apologies). They did an excellent job moving my belongings, were kind, and provided me with helpful updates via text and phone calls as to when they would arrive. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-10-02 Name: Katharine E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his team were wonderful. They meticulously wrapped up our furniture and it was clear we could be completely confident that our things would be treated with care. They also helped us with a bed that we had trouble taking apart. They were friendly, professional, on time, and careful. Would highly recommend them to anyone we know!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-30 Name: Sigridh E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Overall great experience. Very punctual and professional." Overall Score:9/10

2019-09-29 Name: Jacquelyn E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Great guys, really polite and helpful! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-29 Name: Patrick E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Get There did an awesome job with my move! They were efficient and got the job done within my required timeframe. I don’t plan on moving anytime soon, but if I did, I would hire them again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-28 Name: Zach E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Perfect move. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Everyone was helpful and courteous, and I would recommend them again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-28 Name: Aileen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The move went great. They were right on time and very friendly and fast. Much appreciated!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-26 Name: Howard E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"I booked a last minute move from Brooklyn with Get There: they were super pro on the phone, and were able to accommodate my time frame. Chris and his two man crew were at my old place right on time, and were courteous, fast, careful, and professional. Same process in reverse upon delivery in Queens. Would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone, and will very likely use them again. I see why they're #1 on Yelp! -hr" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-26 Name: Deval E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Amazing. Super professional and helpful. Would definitely use this again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-24 Name: Costas E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"They were very friendly, professional and most of all very efficient. Definitely using their services again - I highly recommend them." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-21 Name: Jessica E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Everything about this process was perfect! Chris called to give us advanced warning and when he, Jose, and Patrick got here, they went to work immediately. They worked extremely well together as a team and were very efficient and friendly. Literally the best part of my moving process and I will 100% come back again if I need moving services!!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-20 Name: Anthony E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Chris, Jose and Patrick did a great job and made the move very easy for us. Also, even with the extra hour of work your company’s price was still much lower than the quotes we received from other companies. I recommend or use your company again. Thank you, Anthony Z " Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-15 Name: Taylor E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Emmett was very friendly, I never once felt uncomfortable during the process. He was efficient, careful, and very fast. I will gladly recommend this company to anyone I know, and I will happily request them again for future moves." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-13 Name: Joseph E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach, Brenden, and Corey were excellent! They were all friendly, professional, and efficient. I couldn’t have been happier with the move. Ed was also fantastic in managing the whole experience from start to finish. I’ve found my new “go-to” moving company!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-12 Name: Nick E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Returning customer! Once again, Zach and the team provided a seamless move. They were friendly and professional and made it look effortless! The team was careful and diligent when wrapping, assembling and moving. A real help." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-12 Name: Vishal E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Amazing job! Very friendly, work done super fast. Very professional!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-09 Name: Marissa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"- they called right on time to tell me their approximate ETA - very respectful and efficient - loaded up the truck in 15 mins at pick up Would recommend you to anyone! I mentioned to Chris that I found out about you through the Nextdoor app." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-08 Name: Renata E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Jose and Zach were amazing - efficient, kind, reassuring - they made the move a zero-stress process. Seriously grateful to them and Get There Moving!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-05 Name: Brian E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"These guys are prompt, friendly, and fast. I’ve used them twice and was very happy!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-04 Name: Elvina E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"My move went smoothly. Super efficient and friendly movers...they came earlier than anticipated and got to work immediately! This is my third time using Get There Moving and won’t be my last." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-04 Name: Kathleen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Incredible crew. Amazed at all the work they did so quickly. Plus I was dealing with a very sad family situation at the time and Zach was really nice and made sure I didn't have to do any more work than necessary. Worth every penny." Overall Score:10/10

2019-09-01 Name: Janet E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Fantastic move! Chris and Zach were courteous, professional, efficient and strong! Still can’t figure out out how they got a sofa up 3 twisting flights of stairs! Highly recommend. Will definitely use again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-31 Name: Brian E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"The guys were super friendly and went above and beyond. I’m hiring them again this week." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-31 Name: Kim E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The movers were on time and did a great job! They were so quick and took great care of my stuff. I can't recommend them more!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-30 Name: Alex E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Our move with Travis and team was super smooth! We used Get There last year and had a terrific experience, and this year was no different. Travis and team were punctual, careful, and in general very accommodating. The apartment we just moved into we purchased, so hopefully we won't be moving again for many years to come—however, next time we do move, it will be with Get There for sure! Thanks again for everything, you guys are great." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-30 Name: Emily E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The guys were AMAZING. Best moving experience ever. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-29 Name: Tyler E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Guys were excellent and super-fast. Will definitely keep this company in mind for further moves." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-29 Name: Kristen E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The move went seamlessly, both Emmett and Malcolm were extremely professional and friendly. The guys worked quickly and carefully and kept me posted on the status every step of the way. They were easy to get along with and made the process enjoyable. I am very pleased with the service and will use Get There Moving for my next move. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-28 Name: Karen E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Everything went great. Guys were really nice. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-27 Name: Adam E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"They were really efficient and awesome. Took great care of our stuff and moved it really quickly. I would (and will) certainly recommend you guys to friends." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-25 Name: Julia E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his team were great! They arrived on time and were able to get us moved out quicker than we expected. They were thorough and very careful with a few fragile items that needed to be wrapped. 10/10 would recommend and will use again - hopefully not for a bit because moving is a pain, but Get There Moving made it easy! Thanks again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-22 Name: Marisa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Great move! Movers showed up on time and were very professional. They were very careful with my stuff, and helped make sure that everything was put in the appropriate places. Would strongly recommend!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-22 Name: Rikki E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Extremely efficient and nice! I will be using Get There again for future moves." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-21 Name: Emma E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"It was really good Emmett and Jose worked very diligently and fast and made sure all of the furniture was protected before moving it. Thanks so much! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-20 Name: Mike E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Everything was so smooth. Thanks Emmett!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-17 Name: Nicole E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"They are always amazing! Show up on time, swift and my items always arrive damage free. Third time using Get There Moving, and second time with Zach! Will continue to use! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-17 Name: Juliet E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The move went great. It was very quick and the guys were very friendly, helpful, and respectful. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-16 Name: Joshua E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The move was excellent. The team was on time and efficient. Would recommend to friends and family" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-16 Name: Allen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Emmett and Eamon were professional, friendly, and efficient throughout the moving process. They showed up slightly before the scheduled moving time to get ready. The place we moved to had a tiny elevator and they had to walk up to the second floor. We really appreciate the great work they did and will definitely use the company again for our next move. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-16 Name: Paige E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-15 Name: Christine E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Both movers were friendly and efficient! Incredibly happy with their performance! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-08 Name: Rose E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Everything was great. All four movers were incredibly helpful, responsive, and careful with our boxes and furniture. I knew this was not going to be an easy move, and really appreciated everyone's kindness and commitment to getting it done. The team was communicative, energetic, and professional. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-07 Name: Ashley E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"They were excellent, fast and very kind. I really appreciated everything! Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-07 Name: Stephanie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Incredible!! Seamless, fast, courteous, and professional service. I would recommend this company to EVERYONE I know! Thank you for making it as painless as possible. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-05 Name: Chris E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and his crew showed up to start the move at the exact time requested. They were very personable and did a great job!! Will definitely use for future moves, and highly recommend!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-02 Name: Erin E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Team arrived a few minutes early and proceeded to quickly and efficiently pack my apartment up. I was moving out of an apartment with a loft with a ladder and they expertly moved all of the items (including a desk and a mattress) from the loft area. There were no broken or mishandled items in the move and they finished in 1.5 hours. Every team member was very friendly and professional. Absolutely excellent service, I would highly recommend. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-02 Name: Leah E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Everything was excellent! The movers were very efficient and careful with my belongings. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-02 Name: Adam E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The movers were phenomenal in so many ways. They kept us updated on their timing and really worked with us when the moving Pod arrived late. They coordinated with our doormen to stage the items in the service area, saved a spot out front for the Pod, and moved everything onto the Pod quickly and efficiently. We had no idea if everything would fit, but their tetris skills were beyond!! Thank you so so much for helping to make a stressful move way less stressful." Overall Score:10/10

2019-08-01 Name: Katherine E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent. All my items were properly protected and set up ready. They arrived early and worked efficiently. All the men were very friendly and helpful. Great experience. Thank you again for a seamless move. " Overall Score:9/10

2019-07-31 Name: Dian E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Wonderful. Being very kind and helpful. Everything worked out smoothly." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-31 Name: Elisa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and the crew were AMAZING! They moved everything so quickly, efficiently, and carefully! We would MOST DEFINITELY use them again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-30 Name: Mimi E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Was fantastic! Efficient, fit everything in my 10 foot U-Haul (was filled to the brim and a tricky puzzle to finagle!) and Emmett and crew were incredibly polite and careful with items. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-30 Name: Tammy E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The move was great. The guys were friendly, worked hard, and they worked fast. They were careful and considerate with handling my furniture and boxes. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone!" Overall Score:9/10

2019-07-29 Name: Mary Lou E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"This was my second move with Get There Moving and it went as smoothly and stress-free as the first time. Chris and the team are professional and easy to work with. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-25 Name: Paul E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"GREAT" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-24 Name: Meg E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Emmett and Malcolm were great. I moved from a 5th floor walk-up and they helped with all my heavy and bulky items and we got most of the job done within the 2 hour time frame. Would recommend if anyone is looking for reliable movers!" Overall Score:9/10

2019-07-23 Name: Rahul E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"This was an excellent experience. Nothing was damaged or broken. Both Ed (before the move) and Chris (on the day of) communicated early and often about delays or any other potential issues. The crew were extremely competent, warm, and accommodating. They were clearly a team that works regularly together, which showed in how well they coordinated. I would absolutely use them again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-22 Name: Mollie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Great experience! The three guys were both friendly and professional. They wrapped all the furniture really nicely and brought large tubs to make moving smaller items more efficient. Overall, very easy and efficient moving experience. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-22 Name: MICHAEL E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and his team were splendid. Very professional, courteous, and extremely hard working. Looking forward to using your services again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-20 Name: David E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"This move was absolutely amazing, and worth the money! Our stuff was moved much faster than I figured, and when we found last minute things, and we asked if they could be loaded, we got a response of "not a problem". We even jokingly asked if they could take some of our fence, and they asked, with a straight face, how much of it we needed. If I need to move within the area anytime soon, I'll definitely be considering Get There!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-19 Name: Reid E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"You guys were great, as you were for my move this past November. Smart and stress-free. Highly recommended." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-18 Name: Kara E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"My move with Zach went very smoothly. This is my second great experience with Zach and Get There Moving - thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-17 Name: Tom E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went really smooth and quick. Great group of guys. Nothing damaged as far as I can tell. Really appreciate the effort. Will be in touch when its time for my next move." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-16 Name: Carlee E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"My move went incredibly smoothly. It took both guys about 1.5 hours to move me from my old place to my new place. They even set up my bed for me at the new apartment. They were kind, helpful, and efficient. They brought the right materials to wrap everything in and move it safely, which I really appreciated. I could not be happier!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-15 Name: Kenny E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Move went very smoothly. Nothing was broken. Movers were very amicable. Would highly recommend to others." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-14 Name: Teddy E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Great " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-12 Name: Dylan E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The move was great, very professional and friendly crew. They did the job efficiently and handled my belongings with genuine care. I will use you Get There Moving next time around and will also recommend you to local friends. Thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-12 Name: Danielle E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"It was great! Would 100% recommend. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-10 Name: Kelsey E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-08 Name: Rachel E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-01 Name: Angelene E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The moving experience was professional and smooth. The guys were super nice!" Overall Score:9/10

2019-07-01 Name: Eliza E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Absolutely wonderful! This was the lowest stress move I have ever had. The team arrived early and was professional, careful, and personable. Thank you very much!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-30 Name: Delilah E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Great. Thank you!!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-30 Name: Laura E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"This team was AMAZING! Efficient, kind, funny, thoughtful and hardworking. Best moving team I’ve experienced! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-29 Name: Dina E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"We realized that GTM had moved four years ago into my apartment. Another great experience. Travis, Patrice and Ely worked efficiently and courteously. Punctual and very helpful in every way. All very pleasant. Travis very skilled and communicative. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-29 Name: Caroline E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Get There Moving was amazing. Zach and his team were punctual and arrived exactly at 9am. The pick up took less than 2 hours even with the 5 flights of stairs. I felt comfortable trusting all our earthly possessions to be delivered by Zach and Cory to our new home in Lewisburg. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-27 Name: Jesse E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis, Ei and Emmett were amazing. Super fast, efficient and got the job done in 3.5 hours. Incredible crew" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-26 Name: Janny E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"This was the best move we’ve ever had. Zach and his team were punctual, professional, took extra care with our furniture and overall were very pleasant. I’d highly recommend them again and if we ever need movers again, I’ll definitely use Get There Moving again. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-22 Name: Daniel E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"This is my 3rd time using Get There in the past 5 years. Still the best value we can find after getting multiple quotes before each move. Once again they did an excellent job, respectful of our property and efficient with time." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-22 Name: jibran E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"As always, excellent and very professional. Highly recommended " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-21 Name: Sally E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Fast, easy, efficient. All the guys were kind and professional. I really felt at ease during an inherently stressful process! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-20 Name: Christina E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Fast move, on time, crew was delicate with my belongings. Efficient with getting a COI for my buildings management. I highly recommend Get There Moving for any moving project large or small. A+ service. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-20 Name: Joan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-19 Name: Ellen E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and crew did a wonderful job. Fast, friendly, and careful. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-18 Name: Gerson E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent, the guys were professional, quick and efficient. Would recommend and use them again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-17 Name: Dean E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his team were efficient and courteous.I highly recommend Get There Moving." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-16 Name: Linda E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The team was excellent: on time, kind, hard working, professional and comprehensive. We greatly appreciated it and would recommend them to anyone!" Overall Score:10/10