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2020-05-25 Name: Rachel E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went great! They were on time and worked quickly and efficiently and finished earlier than expected. In addition all the guys were very nice and friendly. We really appreciate it, especially when moving during COVID-19. I will be recommending Get There Moving to friends going forward!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-23 Name: Asha E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent - team was super professional, came in to the job with masks and maintained social distancing. They worked very effectively and efficiently! Thank you! A job well done!!!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-20 Name: Adam E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent." Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-18 Name: Christo E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-15 Name: Kimberly E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Our move went great and we were really happy with everything. The guys were incredibly helpful - fast, professional, and all of our stuff was well taken care of. We’ve used your company before and we’ll be sure to use you again in the future!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-07 Name: Kayla E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Zach did a great job. Friendly, efficient, and very helpful. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-06 Name: Amanda E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"GetThereMoving was accommodating and responsive when our move-in plans changed, which was a huge weight off in a stressful time. The team that moved is in was both friendly and professional. Highly recommend." Overall Score:10/10

2020-05-02 Name: Tanzil E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Very fast. Maybe even too fast. I was impressed by the speed and service of everyone " Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-30 Name: Kayla E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"It went great and quick!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-28 Name: Avigail E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-27 Name: Erin E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"All 3 movers were great. Everything was moved with no damage to walls or items. The move-out was tricky with angled, narrow stairs and a few especially heavy pieces. All three were also very friendly and had great attitudes to get the job done well and quickly. This was my third great experience with Get There and I would recommend to anyone. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-15 Name: Christine E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The team was great! They helped us with an out of state move and made things very smooth. Moving is so stressful so it's amazing to have a team that makes things easier. I would absolutely recommend get there moving! In the leadup to the move Ed was really helpful and communicative. The covid quarantine was overlapping with our timeline and he kept us up to date and informed on how they were handling things." Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-14 Name: Elliot E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The move went really well. We appreciated how well the guys took care of our stuff, and especially the fact that everyone wore face masks given the current plague. The whole process went really smoothly. This is my second time moving with Get There Moving, both experiences have been great." Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-13 Name: Allison E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Everything was great! the guys were awesome, very nice and fast and packed out truck wonderfully for a long haul across the country. Nothing was broken or damaged and we are so happy with the service. thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-04-11 Name: Sarah E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:7/10

2020-04-02 Name: Mary E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
" The movers arrived on right on time, were exceptionally professional, polite, and easy to work with. I would definitely use this service again. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-28 Name: Lauren E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went perfectly smooth! We were very happy with Zach and his team! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-26 Name: Kelly E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"It's not every day that you have to move in the middle of a global pandemic, but Get There made our move so easy in a very stressful and uncertain time. The crew was prompt, efficient, polite, and very careful - pretty much all you can ask for. Thanks for everything!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-22 Name: Teela E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went amazing! They were really efficient, helpful, and despite a problem with being able to park at the new place (not their fault), they handled it really well. The move was done in less time than quoted which was appreciated, and all of our stuff was protected. Thank you! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-21 Name: Erin E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"It was excellent- the team was on time - mobilized quickly and nothing was broken or damaged in the move (and i had some fairly old & suspect pieces of furniture) Would highly recommend them for a move " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-17 Name: Matthew E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Quick, courteous, and professional. Highly recommend to all of my Greenpoint-area friends and colleagues!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-16 Name: Nick E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went very smoothly. The team was very respectful and gentle with my belongings while still moving quickly and efficiently. I definitely plan to use Get There for any future moves and will recommend to friends!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-14 Name: Bix E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Professional crew and as advertised. On time and knew exactly what they were doing. Made it easy. Highly recommend." Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-10 Name: Kenway E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Chris (and Pat) were punctual, friendly, efficient, careful...just, perfect. The move went very smoothly. Highly recommend them and Get There LLC for you NYC moves!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-10 Name: Jordan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris was incredibly friendly, helpful, efficient, and fast! Made our move out of our apartment and into a pod a breeze. I also appreciate how responsive Ed was to email and his willingness to move up the date of our move. You guys rock!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-09 Name: Claire E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The movers were amazing, so quick and fast! Also very nice guys! Would recommend to any and everyone!!! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-08 Name: Karen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went great!! Crew was wonderful and move was quick and smoothly. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-07 Name: Julie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Get There Moving made my move extremely low-stress. They arrived on time, were friendly, and moved quickly but with great care for all of my items." Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-07 Name: Will E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Best moving experience I’ve had. Travis, Will, and Patrice were easy to work with, careful, and efficient. Highly recommend!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-06 Name: Gregory E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Chris was very professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job with my move. I would definitely recommend. " Overall Score:9/10

2020-03-03 Name: IRENE E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"A+ experience. I would definitely use Get There again. At the onset, I was nervous for two reasons. First, I had not received a personal recommendation from anyone to use Get There and second, I was only moving one large item for a short distance so I was unsure of how desirable the job would be for the mover. I started the process with Ed who provided me with a quote and promptly answered all my ensuing questions. On the day of the move, Chris, the driver, texted me with updates. He apologized for being late. "Late" was 15 minutes. Thereafter he continued to give me updates. When he got to my apartment, he and his assistant were polite. I noticed that they handled my item carefully, and they didn't try to add extra charges to my agreed upon price. The move was everything that I had hoped for- reasonable price, great service, and no chicanery. Thanks Ed and Chris!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-03-02 Name: James E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"As usual, the move was excellent. (I have used your services three or four times in the past). The guys were great, quick, and efficient. I had a lot of anxiety about the move and all three guys had such great attitudes about having to lug heavy furniture up and down stairs. I still don't know how they do it so quickly and with such ease. Jose, especially, was super kind and polite. This being NYC, I'm very likely to have to move again at some point. And I will certainly use Get There LLC once again. Thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-29 Name: Allyson E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Awesome! Was very impressed with both Chris and Adam, their knowledge and skill as well as their professional and friendly demeanor." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-29 Name: Stephen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Great Team. Smart and Friendly." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-29 Name: James E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Great experience- Chris and Adam were extremely competent, professional, and nice guys too. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-24 Name: Daphne E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"My move couldn’t have gone more smoothly! Chris and Patrick arrived a few minutes early and immediately made me feel reassured. They organized and taken down all of my stuff within less than 20 minutes (!!). Even my doorwoman couldn’t believe how efficient they were. They were polite, professional, friendly, and accommodating. I couldn’t have asked for better movers. I will definitely use Get There Moving for any future moves!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-22 Name: Claire E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"My move went so smoothly! Movers arrived minutes early and finished the entire job in less time than anticipated. Movers were personable and easy to work with. Thanks for a job well done." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-21 Name: Albert E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Excellent. Super friendly, fast, efficient. Great customer service, I would recommend to others." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-20 Name: Max E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Great." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-19 Name: NELSON E-Mail: NNT813ATGMAIL.COM (Driver: Zach)
"The move went great. The team was very efficient, informative, and professional in their handling of our personal items. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-18 Name: Connie E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"We were really impressed by the movers efficiency. They took a look around and had a plan of action. Everyone worked well together and seemed experienced. The movers were also really personable which added a nice touch to the whole experience. They took the time to ask necessary questions and they followed any instructions we gave them. We would definitely use them again! " Overall Score:9/10

2020-02-17 Name: Allie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"My move went really smoothly because of the crew at Get There Moving! They were helpful, fast, and careful not to break or damage anything. Would highly recommend to anyone moving!!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-17 Name: Paige E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Awesome. I had only one item break it was one of 8 glasses that are kind of "famous" for breaking. Things moved fast and efficiently (and creatively in terms of stacking things to get them out). They were careful with my stuff. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-15 Name: Alexandra E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis, Eli and Patrice were amazing. They were quick, thoughtful and careful with our things and really friendly, even though we ran into a few hiccups like one of the elevators breaking mid-move. I would definitely book with get there for my next move!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-15 Name: CITRINE E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-13 Name: Brian E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"You guys were seriously the best movers we have every used. Thanks a ton to Jose, Travis, and Eli." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-13 Name: Doug E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and Patrick did a great job. Very respectful and efficient. Thank you " Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-08 Name: Laura E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"My move went very smoothly, and I was very happy with Zach, Cory, and Jose's work. The only hiccup is that they forgot one of my items (a broom) on the truck, but replacing a $15 broom is not a big deal in the scheme of things!" Overall Score:9/10

2020-02-07 Name: Laurel E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach's team was fantastic! They arrived on time, were efficient, professional and courteous and made our move insanely easy. This is my third time using Get There Moving and every time has been A+." Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-07 Name: Trista E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:9/10

2020-02-05 Name: Nathalie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris was very quick and respectful. " Overall Score:9/10

2020-02-03 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"amazing! they were on time, professional, fast. made my life so much easier. thank you so much for fitting me in last minute!!!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-03 Name: Alicia E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Super smooth move - Chris was great and was extremely efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-02 Name: David E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2020-02-01 Name: Susan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10