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2018-10-16 Name: Cinthya E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"My move was great. I had no idea Get There Moving existed until I was referred by Steven Popper (if he moves with you again, he should get a discount). I will definitely use you again in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-11 Name: Zoltan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The guys were great and fast. Will definitely use service again and recommend to friends. Thank you for your help!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-10 Name: Daniel E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Great!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-04 Name: Katie E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went exactly as I’d hoped. The guys were courteous, friendly, and efficient. All of my glassware stayed intact as well " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-02 Name: Amanda E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"This is the second time we’ve used Get There Moving and we’ve been very pleased with Chris and his team both times. They are nice, efficient, and focused. We would definitely hire them again. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-01 Name: Sherry E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move with Chris and Patrick went really well. They were quick and efficient. They let me know that I was organized about my move by organizing boxes and flat packing everything. They were nice and let me know when they we're arriving through a phone call and text. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-30 Name: Nathalie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"It went really well! The guys were respectful and efficient." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-30 Name: Faith E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and Korey couldn’t have been better! They were nice, professional, and fast! This was the easiest move I’ve ever had and it’s all thanks to them! I will recommend all of my friends to Get There Moving!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-29 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The move went very smoothly and everyone was extremely friendly." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-26 Name: Gan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"It was a pleasant experience to have “GETTHEREMOVING” helping me for this long distance moving from nyc to Delaware, the price was good, and the movers arrived on time, and packed everything within 1 hour. They took good care of the furnitures and electronics, no damage found later. They also arrived at my destination earlier than scheduled, so I had time to organize everything in the same day. They made this move much easier for me. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-26 Name: Lindsey E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"This was my third move with Get There. The first two were simple, same zip code moves. This one was New York to Pennsylvania. Even with the longer move Zach and his crew were the epitome of efficiency. Everything arrived in perfect condition, even the giant super thin TV! My only regret is I can't use Get There to move me in Pennsylvania :)" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-25 Name: Joline E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Hi, It went very well and smoothly. Thank you!" Overall Score:9/10

2018-09-25 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The move went great. Chris and his guys did a really good job. They were efficient (faster than I expected) and were very respectful of me, my belongings, and both apartments. I'd recommend this crew, and your company, in the future. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-24 Name: Leon E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"great service, great job. puntual, and efficient" Overall Score:9/10

2018-09-22 Name: Holly E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The move was excellent. Easily the most stress-fee, no hassle move I've ever experienced (and have used movers ~4 times in the past). The movers were each equally friendly and professional, took care with our belongings, and moved extremely efficiency. I can't recommend the team highly enough! While I hope we don't have to move again in the near future, when I do, I will absolutely use Get There Moving again. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-20 Name: Emily E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Great!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-20 Name: Michael E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"This was my 6th move in NYC and by far the best. Get There was on time, professional, fast and quoted a fair price. I had a great experience and will definitely be using them for all of my future moves. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-19 Name: Lauren E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and his team were extremely professional and competent, and completed their job in a timely manner. I’d highly recommend them! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-17 Name: Dan E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Everything was great! All 3 guys were wonderful to work with, they were constantly asking where I wanted stuff to go in my new place and we joked at the end of the move that "EVEN THE EGGS MADE IT SAFELY". hahaha.. That could be your new slogan.. lol.. Thank you for making an unpleasant experience, pleasant.. Dan" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-16 Name: Liv E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"AMazing. They were nice, personable, extremely helpful, efficient. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-14 Name: Effie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Great team and service. Thank you for the wonderful experience. The move went without a hitch. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-13 Name: Wendy E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Wesley and team were just amazing ... making a very difficult day easier. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work on a long day. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-08 Name: Sam E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Fantastic" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-07 Name: Alex E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move was terrific. Chris and Patrick showed up on the minute, were courteous, professional, and overall a pleasure to work with. Happy to use Get There LLC next time I move." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-07 Name: Bryan E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move was excellent. Zach and team were right on time. They were organized and efficient. Everything arrived in good shape and went faster than expected. I would recommend your company and use you again in the future (if you can move me to Georgia)." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-05 Name: Margaret E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and Patrick did a fabulous job. Thank you! Prompt, quick, courteous, careful and considerate. I've used many moving firms in Manhattan and never had a good experience so am thrilled to find someone i can recommend at last." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-04 Name: Kate E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Our move was seamless and easy. I appreciated the upbeat attitude of Zach and Corey. Moving is super stressful (especially across state lines) and they made it really simple for us. They were awesome!!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-02 Name: Emilia E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"I normally try to leave a good review of some kind because I appreciate how difficult peoples' jobs can be, but this one is especially well deserved! My move with Chris and Patrick went so well, they were both incredibly professional and efficient! All of my things from my one bedroom were moved out of my first apartment and into my second in just about an hour!! My new place was unfortunately still testing the elevators, but Chris and Patrick charged ahead without complaint and brought everything up the stairs instead. Thankfully it was only one flight, but I am still so appreciative. I would definitely book Get There Moving again, and have already referred them to my roommate! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-02 Name: Elizabeth E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"excellent...on time; efficient, polite, helpful. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-30 Name: Allison E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"My move was with Get There Moving was great! With a 12-4pm timeslot, they arrived just after 12pm and finished in less than 2 hours. Everything was moved with caution and the movers were really nice. Would highly recommend." Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-28 Name: Caroline E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Excellent" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-27 Name: JULIA E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"It went great! Very nice, professional, efficient, and clean. No complaints." Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-26 Name: Rebecca E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Everything was great - they were very careful and efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-26 Name: Sam E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Everything was excellent. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-25 Name: Ann E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"our 8/25/18 move with Chris was great. Movers arrived early and completed the job within the two hour period we booked. guys were friendly, professional and efficient." Overall Score:9/10

2018-08-25 Name: Stephanie M. E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Great service. Crew was there on time, very friendly. They took care of everything very efficiently. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-22 Name: Molly E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Excellently! Chris and Patrick were so helpful; they even fixed my armoire that has been broken for years! They moved everything quickly and efficiently, and asked me where I wanted everything, even moving things when I changed my mind about where to put them. Will definitely be using your company again! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-22 Name: David E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Excellent move, great crew. Would recommend!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-20 Name: Jamie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"So great! Thanks guys!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-20 Name: Tom E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Easy to deal with. Quick to respond. Fair pricing and excellent service. Highly recommend! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-20 Name: David E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"My move was excellent. The crew showed up on time, was fast and efficient (without damaging my stuff, unlike some movers who move fast and break things), and courteous. I would definitely use Get There Moving again and highly recommend them!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-19 Name: Jill E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Fantastic! Efficient, fast, nice people. Looking forward to working with you again. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-19 Name: Julia E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent move! Arrived right on time and made things so easy. Would absolutely do this again!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-18 Name: Annette E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"The move was great! Everything went better than we could have hoped. The movers were quick, careful with our belongings, and very polite. They made the whole stress of moving disappear. Would HIGHLY recommend Get there Moving to anyone. Thanks again for the great service!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-17 Name: Jonathan E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-15 Name: Jeeyoon E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went wonderfully. Both men were professional, friendly, and incredibly efficient. None of my furniture was damaged and everything was done in record time." Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-14 Name: Avril E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Another great move with you guys - thanks for all your patience and the care you take with all our objects. Always really friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend to friends " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-13 Name: Eileen E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Wesley, Jose, Emmett, and Antonio (? I think) were amazing. I have never had a move go this smoothly before. Despite bad weather, hard parking situations (the heights can be a pain in the ass that way), they moved all my stuff safely and quickly.. exactly on time. I stopped fretting and worrying pretty early one because they were able to put me at ease. I have been telling everyone about ya'll. Love it. If, god forbid, I have to move again, I will be calling on you guys again! THANK YOU! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-11 Name: Miriam E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"It was great! Super easy and quick; the guys were careful with my stuff and asked where I wanted it. Couldn't have asked for more!" Overall Score:9/10

2018-08-10 Name: Nader E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-08 Name: Sandra E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"It went awesome." Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-08 Name: Ray E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Everything went great. Team was on time, super fast, and extremely helpful. Great job." Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-07 Name: Chantal E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-04 Name: Gillian E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"This is our second move with Get There Moving (and second move with Zach, too!). Once again, it couldn’t have been easier. Zach and Corey were super professional and efficient, despite a tricky staircase and a hot day, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again guys!!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-02 Name: Fiona E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Amazing! Everything was super fast and smooth. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-08-01 Name: Zach E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and crew were exceptional. They showed up right at the beginning of our window (1pm) which was very helpful. They got to work immediately with wrapping all of our furniture and had everything out of our apartment within an hour. They also worked quickly to get our belongings up our 3rd floor walkup, and had fully completed our move within two hours. I can’t praise them enough and would recommend your company to anyone I come across who needs professional moving services." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-31 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Awesome job and service!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-31 Name: Jessica E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"It was an easy, smooth process. They were quick and efficient, very friendly guys too!" Overall Score:9/10

2018-07-30 Name: Molly E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"My move with Wesley and his team went great! They were quick and so helpful. I really appreciate their help and will keep them in mind for future moves. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-30 Name: Angelina E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Couldn’t have gone better! The guys were so nice and got me moved in and set up extremely quick! Very pleased and would definitely use them again! Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-30 Name: Jerry E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"It went well. The guys were professional and efficient." Overall Score:9/10

2018-07-29 Name: Sam E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Great job. guys super friendly and very efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-29 Name: Samantha E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Incredible happy with Brendan and Patrick’s help! They were professional, communicative, fast and SUPER careful with my belongings. And the price was very reasonable. I have no complaints and will absolutely be using Get There again!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-28 Name: Stephanie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"All 3 guys were amazing! Worked fast and efficiently. Showed up on time and were very friendly and polite. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-28 Name: Vishal E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Amazing job! Will definitely share your contact with any friends/family. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-26 Name: Ruiqi E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"These guys were SO SO great to work with. My move was slotted for 8am and they showed up right on the dot. They were speedy and clearly had a system for everything. When there was traffic, they kept me updated via text. And the whole pre-move process with Ed and Matt was also super easy and they were very responsive. I could not have asked for a better experience - use these guys!!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-25 Name: dan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and the other two guys were exceptional. The care they took to wrap and pad my furniture was even more conscientious than I would have been, and I was fabbergasted at how efficient they were. I had been worrying that the move would take longer than the 3-hour minimum allotment, and they got it done in half that time. It would have taken me and a couple friends the better part of a day, and I still would have banged up most of it. Well worth the cost. Professional, focused, friendly, and great listeners." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-24 Name: Brian E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Everything went so smoothly. The last time I moved was 10 years ago and the experience haunted me for years. This crew was quick and efficient, completing everything in under 3 hours. It was a pleasure working with them. While I hope not to be moving anytime soon, I’d happily recommend you." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-23 Name: ashley E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-23 Name: Carrie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The team was wonderful!! Smoothest move I’ve ever had in NYC. I can’t rave enough about the experience and have already been recommending the company to friends. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-22 Name: Sarah E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The move went incredibly efficiently and smoothly and the three men were so helpful with disassembly and assembly. I would definitely recommend Get There in the future!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-21 Name: Eric E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Great experience. Super nice guys. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-20 Name: Mindy E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"You guys did great!!! Moving in NY summer is a horrible experience but these guys were fast and professional. Would highly recommend them again. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-20 Name: Annette E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Good move. Brendan and his colleague were helpful, quick, and patient. Not the chattiest guys, but that's fine with me." Overall Score:7/10

2018-07-20 Name: Jocelyn E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The movers worked quickly, effectively and professionally. They made my move across state lines incredibly painless. I would highly recommend this moving company to anyone! The one area of improvement is that I was never told that the price did not include fare or tip for the movers and I was under the impression that the price was total cost." Overall Score:9/10

2018-07-19 Name: Amy E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and Patrick were wonderful. Calm, organized, focused, caring and conscientious. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-17 Name: Peter E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"The whole process took just over two hours. Easiest and most efficient move I've ever done. Would highly recommend and would definitely use this service again in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-17 Name: Cynthia E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Very well, thank you - movers were all very friendly and efficient and all of my items were disassembled/assembled/moved with care. Very happy." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-16 Name: brandon E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Very well. Very professional. All items protected and moved in timely manner. Will recommend. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-12 Name: Nat E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"You guys are awesome" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-12 Name: Jackie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Incredibly smooth, couldn’t have asked for a better move! Chris was extremely helpful and efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-10 Name: Charles E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and the team did a great job moving. They were on time and worked hard through the heat and multiple flights of stairs. They did a good job protecting all the furniture and the building." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-10 Name: Laura E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Overall, good experience. Brendan was communicative when they got stuck in traffic and were running late (though still within the 12pm-3pm arrival window). They got right to work when they arrived, and I'm super impressed that they were able to fit everything into the truck in one trip. It was obviously a very long day for everyone, but I really appreciated their work ethic and positive attitudes. I also appreciated that they were friendly and made moving day a not totally unpleasant experience :-) In terms of constructive criticism, there were two main areas. First, when we left the first apartment to go to the second, their communication regarding ETA wasn't clear. I arrived at the second apartment about 30 minutes before they did, and I wasn't able to get through by phone, so I didn't know what was going on. It just would have been nice to have a heads up about what the plan was there. Second, I have a white fabric cover on my box spring that got pretty dirty in the move - I only r" Overall Score:7/10

2018-07-09 Name: Jake E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move went as easy as could be! I couldn’t have asked for more professionalism and promptness from the staff. Thank you for all of your help!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-07 Name: Paul E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and his associate were very professional and helpful for our move from rural NJ to NYC. They arrived on time an worked quickly and efficiently. They were careful with all of our items. I would certainly use Brendan and Get There LLC again in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-05 Name: Katie E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"Wesley, Emmett, and Jose were absolutely incredible. They arrived 30 minutes early and were friendly, professional, and accommodating. My belongings were handled with care and my entire apartment was loaded onto the truck more quickly than I would have thought possible. All three guys were friendly and personable, making what is often a stressful (and in my previous experiences negative) situation enjoyable. I would absolutely use Get There Moving again during a future move and my parents who just moved themselves remarked several times how they wished they used this company as well. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-03 Name: David E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-03 Name: Emily E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"The movers did a great job! They were friendly and took good care of all my furniture." Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-03 Name: Hiran E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Fast, efficient, friendly and had a contagious “can do” attitude. Despite being 100 degree and only one working elevator; they got the job done quickly. Will be using you again!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-01 Name: Maggie E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"We had such a great moving experience because of your team! It was one of the hottest days of the year and your guys were all hustling so much and had such positive attitudes. It was a big job too – moving two apartments into a one bedroom in the city. I'm very happy with the move and will be recommending you guys to any friends that need help with moving! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-07-01 Name: Kevin E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Wesley was awesome and everything was wrapped and loaded so meticulously into the truck by the crew. I would totally use Get There again in a heartbeat for a move. The price, excellent customer service, and careful and friendly crew were great" Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-30 Name: Jakob E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Everything went perfect. They arrived on time, moved my stuff quickly and were super nice. Highly recommended!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-30 Name: Alex E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"Professional and fast. Wes and his crew were early, courteous, helpful, and professional. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-30 Name: Sarah E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Great experience, very quick move and the guys were very nice and professional." Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-29 Name: Stephen E-Mail: (Driver: Wesley)
"" Overall Score:9/10

2018-06-27 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and his associate were exceedingly professional--they worked quickly, were friendly, and very understanding and patient when there was a snafu with the building's alleyway access. They rolled with the punches and worked diligently. Would highly recommend Get There to anyone considering a move." Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-27 Name: Danielle E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move was seamless and the guys were all kind, considerate, and professional. Would definitely hire these guys again if ever back in the NYC area and will be recommending you to all my friends !" Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-25 Name: Kavita E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went very well -- I have moved within NYC twice in the past and this was by far the quickest, most efficient, and most painless move of the three. It was so quick that we had finished unloading in my new apartment before the time I assumed we would begin the unloading process at the new building. I have nothing but amazing things to say." Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-25 Name: Christine E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-25 Name: Helen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Excellent! Speedy and done with care. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-21 Name: Jessica E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Absolutely amazing. We also posted on Yelp to look no further than Get There Moving. Great group of guys who moved all of our things with the best attitude. Doesn't get any better. We know who to look up for our next move for sure." Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-20 Name: Evan E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"The move went very well on the 20th. Brendan and his staff were professional and handled all property with care and confidence. I would highly recommend your services for anyone looking to make a move out of the City or within. I could not have been happier with the way things went and I think the pricing was very fair." Overall Score:10/10

2018-06-20 Name: Annegret E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Fantastic. Chris, Patrick and Robin were quick, organized, and professional. Took the stress out of moving. Highly recommended." Overall Score:9/10

2018-06-19 Name: Jennifer E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Wesley)
"The team was efficient, friendly and professional. They did an amazing job and exceeded my expectations! I would definitely recommend Get There Moving! " Overall Score:10/10