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2019-07-20 Name: David E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"This move was absolutely amazing, and worth the money! Our stuff was moved much faster than I figured, and when we found last minute things, and we asked if they could be loaded, we got a response of "not a problem". We even jokingly asked if they could take some of our fence, and they asked, with a straight face, how much of it we needed. If I need to move within the area anytime soon, I'll definitely be considering Get There!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-19 Name: Reid E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"You guys were great, as you were for my move this past November. Smart and stress-free. Highly recommended." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-17 Name: Tom E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went really smooth and quick. Great group of guys. Nothing damaged as far as I can tell. Really appreciate the effort. Will be in touch when its time for my next move." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-16 Name: Carlee E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"My move went incredibly smoothly. It took both guys about 1.5 hours to move me from my old place to my new place. They even set up my bed for me at the new apartment. They were kind, helpful, and efficient. They brought the right materials to wrap everything in and move it safely, which I really appreciated. I could not be happier!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-15 Name: Kenny E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Move went very smoothly. Nothing was broken. Movers were very amicable. Would highly recommend to others." Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-14 Name: Teddy E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Great " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-12 Name: Dylan E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"The move was great, very professional and friendly crew. They did the job efficiently and handled my belongings with genuine care. I will use you Get There Moving next time around and will also recommend you to local friends. Thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-12 Name: Danielle E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"It was great! Would 100% recommend. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-10 Name: Kelsey E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-08 Name: Rachel E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-07-01 Name: Eliza E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"Absolutely wonderful! This was the lowest stress move I have ever had. The team arrived early and was professional, careful, and personable. Thank you very much!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-30 Name: Delilah E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Great. Thank you!!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-30 Name: Laura E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"This team was AMAZING! Efficient, kind, funny, thoughtful and hardworking. Best moving team I’ve experienced! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-29 Name: Dina E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"We realized that GTM had moved four years ago into my apartment. Another great experience. Travis, Patrice and Ely worked efficiently and courteously. Punctual and very helpful in every way. All very pleasant. Travis very skilled and communicative. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-29 Name: Caroline E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Get There Moving was amazing. Zach and his team were punctual and arrived exactly at 9am. The pick up took less than 2 hours even with the 5 flights of stairs. I felt comfortable trusting all our earthly possessions to be delivered by Zach and Cory to our new home in Lewisburg. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-27 Name: Jesse E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis, Ei and Emmett were amazing. Super fast, efficient and got the job done in 3.5 hours. Incredible crew" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-26 Name: Janny E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"This was the best move we’ve ever had. Zach and his team were punctual, professional, took extra care with our furniture and overall were very pleasant. I’d highly recommend them again and if we ever need movers again, I’ll definitely use Get There Moving again. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-22 Name: Daniel E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"This is my 3rd time using Get There in the past 5 years. Still the best value we can find after getting multiple quotes before each move. Once again they did an excellent job, respectful of our property and efficient with time." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-22 Name: jibran E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"As always, excellent and very professional. Highly recommended " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-21 Name: Sally E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Fast, easy, efficient. All the guys were kind and professional. I really felt at ease during an inherently stressful process! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-20 Name: Christina E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"Fast move, on time, crew was delicate with my belongings. Efficient with getting a COI for my buildings management. I highly recommend Get There Moving for any moving project large or small. A+ service. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-20 Name: Joan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-19 Name: Ellen E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and crew did a wonderful job. Fast, friendly, and careful. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-18 Name: Gerson E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Excellent, the guys were professional, quick and efficient. Would recommend and use them again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-17 Name: Dean E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his team were efficient and courteous.I highly recommend Get There Moving." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-16 Name: Linda E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The team was excellent: on time, kind, hard working, professional and comprehensive. We greatly appreciated it and would recommend them to anyone!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-14 Name: JAMES E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and the guys were great. They were friendly, professional and efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-10 Name: Rebecca E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"GREAT!! Super helpful, nice, and got the job done efficiently. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-10 Name: Elizabeth E-Mail: (Driver: Emmett)
"They were thorough and quite wonderful!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-09 Name: Anna E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Emmett)
"The move was extremely efficient. Emmett and Jose were very helpful and thorough." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-08 Name: Richard E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Excellent! On time and swiftly done." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-06 Name: Molly E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-04 Name: Eric E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Very good. Arrived on time, moved all items down 2 flights of stairs very quickly. Was very pleased with the speed and care that all the movers showed during the process." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-04 Name: Jonathan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Was very happy with the move. Very efficient and careful packing and fast loading/unloading. Will definitely use you for any future moves!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-03 Name: Kirsten E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"FABULOUS! Travis + team arrived earlier than estimated (after calling to confirm earlier was okay) and finished the whole job in less than 2 hours. They made what could have been a stressful and painful move completely seamless and smooth! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-03 Name: Russell E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Very smooth. The guys were all great, fast and friendly, made the process much less stressful." Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-02 Name: Andrew E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-02 Name: Jason E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Get There Moving is the gold standard for moving services in the NYC area. Trustworthy, hardworking, and punctual movers. Great communication in advance. Look no further than Get There Moving!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-06-01 Name: Natasha E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Came exactly on time, organized, quick. Smooth move. Couldn't have asked for a better move on a moving day when stress (and anxiety) is high. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-31 Name: Mollie E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"It was honestly the best move I’ve ever had. The guys were so kind and gentle with my things. I’m not the best packer but nothing got damaged (first time ever and I’ve moved over 5 times). My dog even loved them :) Really really appreciate the kind service and no surprise charges. Will definitely use again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-28 Name: Mark E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-25 Name: Citrine E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Really great! Thank you for all the help. You all were on time and efficient. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-24 Name: Gina E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis, Eli & Emmitt were wonderful! They were professional and did everything possible to make our move as seamless as possible. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-21 Name: Leslie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and Eli were very careful and thorough with the move. Communication prior to the move and during the move were great and helpful. Overall a great experience. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-21 Name: Natasha E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Get There Moving did an AMAZING job! They’re all so sweet, efficient and clean with moving! I would highly recommend to others! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-17 Name: Jake E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Thank you very much for the prompt and professional service! The move went very smoothly overall." Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-16 Name: COURTNEY E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-16 Name: Ashley E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"My move last week was great! Brendan was on time, friendly and professional, and the entire move was stress free for me. The move was also extremely quick, which was greatly appreciated. I will definitely reach out to Get There moving again for my future moves. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-15 Name: Savannah E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Thank you, Get There Moving! My move went extremely smoothly. The guys are SUPER fast and friendly!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-14 Name: Melissa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The movers showed up on time, went above and beyond helping move a piece of furniture in my house to another room, nothing was damaged and everything was done earlier than expected. Everything went smoothly. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-13 Name: Donald E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Very effective professionals. Very much appreciated. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-12 Name: Aaron E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-12 Name: Caitlin E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"While the move went smoothly and all of my belonging arrived in good condition, I felt that the movers were slow and not conscientious of time. It took one man almost an hour to put my bed together while the other just stood around waiting to be told what to do. It also took a VERY long time for them to do simple tasks such as unwrapping furniture. Overall, I think the move should have talen no more than 2 hour given the limited amount of things that I had but instead it took over 3 hours which I was billed for. While I would probably use Get There Moving again, I would be much for forceful in telling them what to do and moving things along. " Overall Score:7/10

2019-05-12 Name: Rebecca E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"It went really well! Everyone was great. Chris had hurt his hand so he couldn't do so much lifting and then one of the three guys showed up a half an hour or so late .. but all great and perfect other than that. Thanks so much!! " Overall Score:9/10

2019-05-11 Name: Emily E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-11 Name: Ian E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"very well done, efficient polite, the whole team was fantastic made the day go extremely smoothly will use in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-10 Name: Brenda E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and his crew were fantastic! They were on time, went the extra mile (almost literalily as they had to park a block away from the building). They were very nice and accomodating! I would absolutely use Get There Moving again for our next move in New York City!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-10 Name: Tyler E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-09 Name: Elvira E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Fast, efficient, friendly and professional. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-06 Name: Mary Lou E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and the two other men that moved me were are extremely chill, which helped temper my stress. Furniture placement that we had planned was upended when Fios came to install the same morning and it was stressful to have to decide on a new placement on the fly. The men were very accommodating and moved a couple of pieces ( one quite heavy) two times as I struggled to fit everything in. They were on time, professional and courteous. My experience lived up to the positive reviews online. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-03 Name: Alec E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his partner were timely, professional, and took great care with my belongings. They really did a great job and went the extra mile, helping to rearrange items to find their best fit in my new apartment. Highly recommend." Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-02 Name: Rory E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"Everything was great. Chris and the team were fast, efficient, hard working and friendly" Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-01 Name: Catherine E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"They were all great! On time, helpful, and super nice! Thank you so much! " Overall Score:10/10

2019-05-01 Name: Tyler E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"It was great! Brendan was helpful and went out of his way to make the process easy and effortless (for me anyway :). I couldn't ask for anything more from a moving experience." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-28 Name: Heather E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"This company and these guys were extraordinarily good! So efficient, so quick, so considerate, so kind. I could go on and on...they finished the move in less time and for less money than we were originally quoted and everything about the move was smooth, easy, and (honestly) FUN. I recommend GET THERE MOVING to anyone planning a move of any size. I cannot recommend them highly enough. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-27 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move was a very calming success. Everything was handled with care and accounted for. This is my second time using Get There Moving and will definitely use them again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-27 Name: Carolyn E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Everything went great. The crew was fun, professional, easy-going. They helped make a traumatic experience really pleasant. I never want to move again but if I did, I'd recommend these guys. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-26 Name: Veronica E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Your people were absolutely professional and pleasant to work with. We would recommend you, absolutely. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-25 Name: Suman E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"I just posted the following review on Yelp. I have another move in 6 months and will be using you all again. Stellar experience. *** I picked Get There off their Yelp reviews and I'll confess I was a bit suspicious of the stellar string of reviews: what moving company could be that good? They. Are. That. Good. I booked them for a Brooklyn to Manhattan move on short notice (about a week) and Ed was super responsive. I sent in my list of items to move along with pictures and he quickly gave me a flat quote that is exactly what I paid - no surprises at all. The day of the move was so stress-free thanks to Chris, Matt and Casey. They were incredible - friendly, careful and quick. They even took it upon themselves to completely disassemble my bed (and put it back together) to ensure that there would be no risk of damage during the move. I can't sing their praises enough. I haven't written a lot of Yelp reviews but I swore to myself I would do one for them. Please do you" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-25 Name: Kara E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Moving is never tons of fun, but the Get There team of Zack, Jose and Corey made it as easy and pleasant as possible for me. They were great communicators and took good care of my belongings. They were prompt, courteous, efficient and had strong attention to detail. I have some large paintings and pieces of furniture I care deeply about, and they handled them accordingly. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-24 Name: Agnes E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Very good service. Everything went as planned, communication was smooth and the guys completed the move in about 2 hours. Would definitely recommend and use again!" Overall Score:9/10

2019-04-24 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The guys were great. No surprise there. Thanks for all the help before and during the move. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-18 Name: Hallie E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Amazing! Super friendly, professional and fast! Would highly recommend and use again without a doubt!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-16 Name: Ilgaz E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"excellent totally flawless." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-15 Name: Aaron E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Went great. Awesome guys and really professional. Made life easy" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-14 Name: Theresa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Great work! Very efficient and crew was pleasant and worked so hard. I was very impressed and already recommended to daughter’s roommate at same apartment- thank you again! I will recommend again! I rate a 10+" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-13 Name: Martin E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Dear Get There moving. I would like to thank you for an outstanding job. The team (Travis, Patrice, and Emmett) were punctual, friendly, efficient and quick. It was an A+ job and I have used numerous moving companies in the past. You guys were by far the best. I will recommend you to my friends. Best wishes, Martin." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-08 Name: Kelly E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"They were the best moving crew that I have worked with. Easy to communicate with, kind, helpful. They were a delight to work with. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-08 Name: Alyson E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"My move went great. This is the second time I've used Get There. Both times they arrived right on time and worked incredibly fast (while still of course being careful with my things). Travis was great and I would definitely use you all again. " Overall Score:9/10

2019-04-06 Name: Kathleen E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The guys were great - they moved all of my stuff in under two hours and arrived two hours earlier than expected (but called to make sure that was okay, of course.) They were fast, efficient, and very nice. Would highly recommend. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-06 Name: Melissa E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The move was quick and easy! The movers arrived 15 minutes early and got started right away. They were able to maneuver some pretty heavy/awkward furniture and did so with care. All three guys did an excellent job!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-05 Name: Alexa E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Excellent, they were prompt, efficient and thorough. The move was quick and went smoothly. Would use them again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-05 Name: Marney E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"It went really well, Zach and Jasper (?) moved me last time, and they were just as great this time around. The only added bonus is that the excitement of the move sent me into an early labor on Friday night and I ended up giving birth to a gorgeous baby girl yesterday (2 months early!)" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-04 Name: Danny E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"They were great! Super nice, fast, and careful." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-03 Name: Jason E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"I could not be more impressed with Get There Moving. Ed's communication was prompt and professional. The guys arrived right on time, worked really hard, smart, and fast and finished everything up in just under 2 hours. You can hire this company with total confidence in the outcome!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-03 Name: coreen E-Mail: COREEN.MCGOWANATGMAIL.COM (Driver: Zach)
"Outstanding!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-02 Name: Martin E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The process was quick and painless, the guys took extra care to make sure everything was protected, no hiccups or extra charges. I had an issue with the front door of the building but they figured out a way around it without any hassle. Couldn't have asked for a better move." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-02 Name: Doug E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The company is superb. They are punctual, polite and professional. Would gladly use again. Cery happy. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-01 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan was prompt, efficient, friendly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better moving experience." Overall Score:10/10

2019-04-01 Name: Scot E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Top notch all around!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-31 Name: Aimee E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and his team were great to work with. They were polite, efficient and careful with all of our belongings. It was such a great experience and I will be looking forward to moving with them the next time I have to move!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-31 Name: Edmund E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Went great! Super smooth " Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-29 Name: Raksha E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Excellent from start to finish! Thank you Brendan!!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-29 Name: Susana E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-29 Name: NICOLE E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The entire experience with GTM was amazing. The whole team was efficient, careful, and then helpfully placed my boxes and furniture in all the correct destination rooms which was above and beyond. The whole team was friendly, easygoing, and pleasant to interact with. Nothing went missing. Nothing was broken. And they made a very stressful day as easy as possible. I don't want to move again but if I had to I would definitely use them again. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-28 Name: Margo E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"Everything was great. The team very professional and fast. Very satisfied. Thank you for great customer service in such stressful time (moving itself)." Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-28 Name: Zoe E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Awesome job!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-26 Name: Robin E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Chris and his crew were fantastic! Professional, quick, and super friendly, the move took less time than estimated. I would 100% recommend them to anyone moving!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-03-25 Name: Matthew E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Everything went great with the move. The whole process was smooth and quick. They did an excellent job handling all of my furniture and took extra care with some of the more valuable things." Overall Score:10/10