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2019-01-15 Name: brayden E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"great, good work" Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-13 Name: Kendall E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Professional, quick, and painless. We were moving on super short notice and hadn't been able to pack and wrap absolutely everything. They were super patient and understanding, and even took some things we assumed we'd need to transport ourselves. Thank you guys so much! We really appreciate it." Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-13 Name: Joy E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Thanks again for making this move painless. Travis and the team were efficient and fun to work with. We've been using Get There to move (both our home and on several occasions our studio full of artwork) since 2011, and we have never considered looking for a different moving company. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-12 Name: Emily E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Excellent! The movers were on time, worked quickly and efficiently, and were patient and helpful. They made the move very smooth. Pricing was fair and competitive. I would highly recommend." Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-11 Name: Tarin E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Our move went wonderfully! The guys were great, very professional, and took great care of all our belongings. Would definitely recommend and use the service again!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-08 Name: Margaret E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"I am extremely pleased with the move. Both gentlemen were very professional and nice. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-08 Name: Lawrence E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"It was great! The guys were friendly and helpful. They got the job done quickly, and everything went well! Thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-05 Name: Kayla E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"This was the first time I moved from one place to another in NYC. Brenden and Robbin, not only were polite, calm and collected - they also handled everything with care. Would definitely reccommend this company to a friend or family. " Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-04 Name: SEBASTIAN E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The move went really well. The back-and-forth over email ahead of time was a bit stressful and had me concerned, but Travis and the team were fast and super professional. I would definitely use Get There again." Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-04 Name: Randall E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Hey! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Zach, Corey and Jose were all terrific, and I've already started singing the praises of Get There LLC and will recommend you to anyone I know who's moving and needs a moving company. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-04 Name: Kenroy E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and the team we're extremely professional and moved very quickly. It felt like every time I turned my head they were completing a task. An incredible team whose services our company will definitely use again should the need arise." Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-03 Name: Kathleen E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The service was excellent and stress free from start to finish. All of my belongings were treated with the utmost care, the team was communicative, on-time and very very professional. Would DEFINITELY use you guys again and refer you to anyone." Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-02 Name: Lauren E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"AMAZING experience!! Chris and Matt were the best. They were fast, careful, punctual and all around great guys! Ed was super responsive over email ahead of time. My move went smoothly and was worth every penny. Will use them for all future moves!" Overall Score:10/10

2019-01-02 Name: Laura E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Move was awesome. The guys were there perfectly on time, they worked extremely hard to tetris our stuff into one load (while still taking care of it), and the time quote was spot on — extremely happy with everything. Not to mention they quoted me the most reasonable price of every mover I called in NYC." Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-28 Name: James E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The move went great. Travis and the guys were fantastic, by far the best movers I’ve used here in NYC. They were so careful with our things and even fixed something that was broken that they didn’t even do. Would use you guys again and will definitely recommend you to friends. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-28 Name: Guillermo E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"- On time - Professional - Speedy - Every item that was not packed was well wrapped by the team. Nothing arrived broken so good handling. When I move again you guys will be my first choice. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-22 Name: Lena E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The move went very well! All three guys were super quick and well organized, I would definitely book them again." Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-21 Name: Jack E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Get There Moving did not fail to meet expectations and the numerous positive feedback on Yelp by other customers were right. From start to finish, company provided quick responses to all inquiries and were very accommodating to customer needs. They go above and beyond to listen to each request and respond with attentive care. On day of move, movers were prompt, quick and careful with each furniture. Services provided also included disassemble and reassemble of certain furniture if requested. COI turnaround was relatively quick too. All in all, I was really satisfied with the services that Get There Moving provided and would highly recommend their services to others." Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-21 Name: Rose E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-20 Name: mimi E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The team did an amazing job, we would definitely move with you guys again!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-17 Name: Carolyn E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and his team were wonderful! We loved their positive attitudes. They were so pleasant to be around, and made a stressful move much more enjoyable. They didn't even complain when our couch didn't fit in the elevator and they had to carry it up six flights of stairs. They even helped assemble our bed afterwards! These guys are moving heroes for sure. We would absolutely recommend Get There and especially Zach's team to anyone looking to move in the area." Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-16 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-15 Name: Emmy E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Very quick, professional and smooth! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-15 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Very polite and professional. Finished in the time estimated. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-15 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Everyone involved in my move was incredibly pleasant and efficient and made the whole thing very easy. Thank you all! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-12 Name: Anne E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"My 12/12/18 move went very well! Chris and Patrick were excellent - very prompt, professional, and careful. I would definitely recommend them and Get There moving. Thank you very much!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-05 Name: Leslie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"I have used these movers three times for moves in NYC, they are amazing. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-04 Name: Elisabeth E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-02 Name: Stacy E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"It was excellent ! They were right on time and packed and handled everything with care . I could not have been happier . Thank you!!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-01 Name: Crystal E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Everything went smoothly. They called ahead, they showed up exactly on time, and they were able to fit all of my stuff into their van without damaging anything. They were very polite and professional. I would highly recommend them to others and use them in any future moves." Overall Score:10/10

2018-12-01 Name: Connie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"" Overall Score:9/10

2018-11-29 Name: Haley E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The move was amazing! Super fast and the team was incredibly careful and meticulous with all valuable items. I would love to use you guys again and will be recommendating you to friends. Thanks so much for a great experience! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-27 Name: Gregory E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Move went great. The guys were very chill and everything went very smoothly. We had a lot of stuff so was surprised they didn’t completely fade by the end. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-18 Name: Francine E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move went very well. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-17 Name: Dana E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The move was very good. Efficient, quick service with minimal issues (we did have a few broken glasses). The crew was nice and professional." Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-16 Name: Benjamin E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and his colleague were excellent. They were quick, careful with all of my belongings, and very pleasant to work with. My only suggestion would be for Brendan to have his phone volume turned on louder, as there was one point where I struggled to get in contact with him. Overall, I will be recommending your company to anyone who asks me for a reference in the future and had a very positive experience." Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-12 Name: Adam E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"I was very pleased. They responded quickly to my request for a quote. The movers showed up on time, were professional and friendly and worked quickly. My move was completed in less time than estimated. I would highly recommend them. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-10 Name: Ernie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The move went great. The guys we’re pros, safe and efficient." Overall Score:9/10

2018-11-09 Name: Basak E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"This was our second move last year. I wish we used Get There Moving for our first move! Don't get me wrong, we were happy with the previous moving company but these guys make everybody else look bad. They are simply amazing! From start to finish, they worked very hard, didn't take any breaks. It was raining and they had to walk 300 feet to the building as it doesn't have access to road. They handled everything very professionally and efficiently. The move was fast and nothing got wet or damaged, which is great as most of our furniture were from Ikea. They were very careful with the building rules as well. Hands down, the best moving company!!! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-05 Name: Diane E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"Travis, Emmett, and team were very professional and helpful. They were punctual, knowledgeable, and made the process of moving stress-free. They moved all my furniture and belongings in the pouring rain carefully and thoughtfully. I would definitely recommend Get There Moving to my friends and family. Thank you again for all your time and help! :)" Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-02 Name: Kenroy E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"It was amazing. The team was very organized, professional, and quick. The made the whole move and a lot less stressful and look forward to using your company again." Overall Score:10/10

2018-11-01 Name: Gina E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"This was my second time using Get There Moving and it was just as easy as my first move. The guys were really efficient and communicative. Couldn't have asked for a smoother transition. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-30 Name: Jen E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Another successful move! You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for your efficiency and care with our stuff." Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-29 Name: Nicholas E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Everything went smoothly, the whole team did a great job. Thanks!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-28 Name: Tony E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-25 Name: Evelyn E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Crew arrived promptly and let me know when the clock started. They were speedy and efficient. Great price and careful with my things. Overall great service. Finished decent sized job in 2.5 hours with 1 working elevator." Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-25 Name: Susan E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"Zach and Jose were prompt, efficicient and personable. They were helpful and accommodating, as well. I could not have asked for a smoother move - kudos to them!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-24 Name: David E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-24 Name: Brian E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Quick and efficient. Brendan and his helper were great. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-23 Name: Marianne E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"This was my second move in NYC, and my second flawless experience with Get There Moving! These guys are incredible and I'll never move with anyone else. Especially if you're moving in or out of one of those picky new buildings with COI requirements – Get There will have your back!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-23 Name: John E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Very well. Travis and his crew showed up on time, packed up our furniture with care, speedily moved it out, and got it unloaded and unpacked at our new place with no damage—all just at the top end of the original estimate." Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-21 Name: Jorge Elías E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"these guys were completely punctual, professional, polite and helpful. this move was a big source of stress for me and get there smoothed it all out brilliantly. i couldn’t be more grateful. also, quite importantly, very reasonably priced. that never hurts!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-20 Name: Robert E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"The move went very well, thank you. We found the movers to be very professional and efficient, and were grateful that they wrapped a few items to protect them. The team all had a great demeanour, which made the move go even more smoothly. We really appreciate their hard work! " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-19 Name: Christopher E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"Travis and his team were friendly, efficient, and took great care of our stuff. This is my fourth move with your company and I wouldn’t trust all of my belongings with anyone else. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-16 Name: Cinthya E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"My move was great. I had no idea Get There Moving existed until I was referred by Steven Popper (if he moves with you again, he should get a discount). I will definitely use you again in the future." Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-14 Name: Annette E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Thank you. The movers were prompt, courteous and careful. Truly appreciated. The morning went seamlessly. Will be using your services again in the future and will recommend you to others as well. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-11 Name: Zoltan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The guys were great and fast. Will definitely use service again and recommend to friends. Thank you for your help!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-10 Name: Daniel E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"Great!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-04 Name: Katie E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"The move went exactly as I’d hoped. The guys were courteous, friendly, and efficient. All of my glassware stayed intact as well " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-02 Name: Amanda E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"This is the second time we’ve used Get There Moving and we’ve been very pleased with Chris and his team both times. They are nice, efficient, and focused. We would definitely hire them again. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-10-01 Name: Sherry E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Chris)
"The move with Chris and Patrick went really well. They were quick and efficient. They let me know that I was organized about my move by organizing boxes and flat packing everything. They were nice and let me know when they we're arriving through a phone call and text. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-30 Name: Nathalie E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"It went really well! The guys were respectful and efficient." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-30 Name: Faith E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"Brendan and Korey couldn’t have been better! They were nice, professional, and fast! This was the easiest move I’ve ever had and it’s all thanks to them! I will recommend all of my friends to Get There Moving!" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-29 Name: Michael E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Zach)
"The move went very smoothly and everyone was extremely friendly." Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-26 Name: Gan E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Brendan)
"It was a pleasant experience to have “GETTHEREMOVING” helping me for this long distance moving from nyc to Delaware, the price was good, and the movers arrived on time, and packed everything within 1 hour. They took good care of the furnitures and electronics, no damage found later. They also arrived at my destination earlier than scheduled, so I had time to organize everything in the same day. They made this move much easier for me. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-26 Name: Lindsey E-Mail: (Driver: Zach)
"This was my third move with Get There. The first two were simple, same zip code moves. This one was New York to Pennsylvania. Even with the longer move Zach and his crew were the epitome of efficiency. Everything arrived in perfect condition, even the giant super thin TV! My only regret is I can't use Get There to move me in Pennsylvania :)" Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-25 Name: Joline E-Mail: (Driver: Brendan)
"Hi, It went very well and smoothly. Thank you!" Overall Score:9/10

2018-09-25 Name: John E-Mail: (Driver: Chris)
"The move went great. Chris and his guys did a really good job. They were efficient (faster than I expected) and were very respectful of me, my belongings, and both apartments. I'd recommend this crew, and your company, in the future. " Overall Score:10/10

2018-09-24 Name: Leon E-Mail: N/A (Driver: Travis)
"great service, great job. puntual, and efficient" Overall Score:9/10

2018-09-22 Name: Holly E-Mail: (Driver: Travis)
"The move was excellent. Easily the most stress-fee, no hassle move I've ever experienced (and have used movers ~4 times in the past). The movers were each equally friendly and professional, took care with our belongings, and moved extremely efficiency. I can't recommend the team highly enough! While I hope we don't have to move again in the near future, when I do, I will absolutely use Get There Moving again. " Overall Score:10/10